Wednesday, January 23, 2008


You must have seen this picture somewhere over the internet and perhaps you have seen it in my Friendster blog. I don’t know if it’s only me or some of you have done the same thing like thinking ‘your mouth keeps moving but all I can hear is blah, blah, blah…’

Sometimes I have a weird habit of imagine things while someone talks to me. I stare at them but none of the words I understand, because I was daydreaming instead of listening. Silly of me, hehehe… Now, I have been thinking the reasons why I got into a daydreaming phase, even while someone talks to me, and here are the reasons:

~25 things that made me daydreaming (so far) and/or turn it into a HA-HA-HA for myself~

1. B’hooring topic
2. One way communication’s lecture
3. Too long story
4. Epic story begin with ‘Once upon a time…’
5. Farted little girl while she swim
6. A ghost of ‘Suster Ngesot’ doing jiggety jig-jig on a slippery floor, because someone spread talc powder on the floor
7. Curly hair – old school type
8. Huge round – O nose
9. Tod’s banana hammock in Scrubs (TV comedy-series)
10. Pubic hair waxing
11. Spa’s masseuse with mustache at Martha Tilaar Saloon
12. My sister in law with her fart’s obsession
13. My sport teacher wears Luau bikini, aloha Mr. Moel!
14. Bad breath & yellow teeth
15. Moving-mole king in Robin Hood ‘Men in Tights’ movie
16. A ghost of ‘Nenek Nempel’ hangs on a window car and hit by a truck, again…
17. World’s record ‘Largest Bikini’ on Liberty statue
18. My older brother, with his stupid ‘City Hunter’ shooting pose obsession
19. Frickety frick-frick of me doing some Ciara moves on her ‘Get Up’ clip (doh…)
20. Harry Potter, lick Voldemort's butt shape lollipop, sick! (I know)
21. Doing booty shakes with the seals inside sea world’s aquarium
22. IL Divo sings at my birthday party, yauzaaah… I want Urs!
23. A ghost of ‘Kuntilanak’ drops her wig and says ‘Oops…’
24. New yahoo emoticons; constipated, farted and cracked
25. Daniel Craig VS Pierce Brosnan as my imaginary James Bond

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Forum 6 : Hercules or Jerkules

A week ago I got a call from an old friend who I liked to name him as a ‘Casanova’ or a womanizer. We talked for hours and recollect so many vaguely foolish events when we were teens. Long story short, he told me his latest affair which I already heard the rumor before he called me. He has a smooth way of getting girl’s heart by helping her emotionally, physically and maybe financially and odd habit of getting more attracted to his girlfriend’s friend.
Since he allows me to post this topic and it because so many argumentations between him, me and my friends, I have questions for all man and woman out there:
(1). Is woman these days too easy to be bought and tricked?
For you ladies... please answer this:
(2). You’ve just went out on your 1st date. If you have a best-girl-friend who is prettier than you or let say she’s a cover magazine model, will you:
a. introduce him to your best-girl-friend instantly
b. introduce him after 3rd date
c. introduce him after 3 months
d. never introduce him, until he asks you to marry him
And for all men… please answer this question:
(3). In some occasion/party, how many times you find out that your girlfriend’s friend is more attractive to you rather than your own girlfriend.
As usual folks… I need to know WHY?

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Give Peace a Chance

Two months ago a colleague of mine coming out .A.K.A. confessed that he’s ‘gay’ and planning on telling his entire friend on New Years Eve that he’s proud of being gay men…
BUT! Right now he’s in the cross road of afraid loosing his friend, best friend, good relationship and all… He needs more preparation and just to confirmed which one U R…

R U going to repel him?... ...
Or welcome him?... ...
Or neither?... ...
And WHY?... ...
For me, as a Liberalist…People will not be discriminated against and that there will be equal access to justice for everybody’

Sunday, December 2, 2007


Having an affair? Or getting over one? Or thinking about starting a new one?
We tend to think that only bad people have affairs or only people in bad relationships. But no one is immune from an affair.
Monogamy is something most people say they believe in and want for themselves. Every survey ever done on this question shows a high percentage of people think monogamy is important to marriage and that affairs are wrong. But a belief in monogamy as an ideal doesn't prevent large numbers of people from having extramarital affairs. Most people don't intend to have an affair and most people don't think it will happen to them—but it does.
WHAT would you do if you found out that your partner/lover having affairs? WHAT is your first reaction? WILL you work it out or trying to get even?